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Possibilities & pricing


Artemis offers both stand-alone eLearning courses, best suited for freelancers or small organizations, as well as complete solutions for medium-sized and large organizations. On our eLearning portal you will find course prices for direct purchase, and an overview of our company wide solutions.

All catalog courses can be tailored to your specific requirements, but we also develop fully customized courses. You can find more information about our additional eLearning services on Artemis eLearning. The effective onboarding or additional training of employees demonstrably delivers better business performance. View the business cases or contact us for an exploratory meeting.


Is eLearning the answer to everything? Certainly not. The strength of the Artemis Approach is the measurable and verifiable provision of knowledge in an eLearning module and building on this in an interactive workshop led by an expert. By first bringing all participants to an equally high level and providing them with a solid knowledge base and then going into depth, the workshop truly becomes an inspiring, deepening and motivating experience. There are no stupid questions, but there are questions that are better addressed in an eLearning course. Use that valuable time in a workshop to actually gain insights together. Our workshops are always compiled and quoted in for your specific needs, starting from $300. Contact us to see how we can make a difference in your organization, in combination with or without eLearning.

Other solutions

We are good at effectively transferring and increasing knowledge. Whether that is to strengthen one department or all new employees, for all members of your trade association, or externally for one specific client or for all your customers. Give them the opportunity to reach their maximum potential. If you’re thinking “This could be done better, right?” Then don’t wait for your competitor to give you the answer but contact us today to explore the possibilities within your budget.