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Employee onboarding as it should be

Increase productivity while reducing employee turnover

A better, controlled and measurably more effective start

You can now also use the Artemis approach for onboarding new employees within your company. Give them the flying start they deserve and give yourself confidence and control that they are actually ready to contribute their full potential.

You have finally found the perfect candidate, that is fantastic news! The success of a new colleague, and by extend of your company, largely depends on how someone gets started in a new position. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to give someone the start he or she deserves. In the daily hustle and bustle, the quality with which someone is trained often depends on who happens to have time and how much time that someone has available. And that can lead to disappointment for all involved. It is frustrating for a new colleague not to be able to show his or her true level, and colleagues and employer secretly expected more. Moreover, there is often a lack of structural insight into (and control over) what a new colleague has actually learned before they’re left on their own.

“First impressions last. When companies fail to standardize their onboarding process and socialize new hires in the company culture, performance, retention and engagement suffer. Organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%

Source: Brandon Hall Group

By paying attention to a successful start, a new colleague can actually reach his or her full potential and at the same time you reduce employee dropouts and turnover. Artemis offers solutions to improve, standardize and measure the onboarding period for new employees at your company. By translating information about your corporate culture, work area, internal processes and methods into a clear online module, new employees can learn how your organization works in an accessible and secure way. Of course, the experience of senior colleagues is indispensable, but we don’t have to keep them from their work for all the basics. Let Artemis offer 80% of the standardized knowledge in a clear and controlled manner, so that your most experienced employees have room for the 20% that can never be standardized. It is essentially the same Artemis approach, but now used for your own onboarding. Making complex matter accessible and applicable in daily practice is what we excel at, and it’s now available for your business succes.

We offer tailor-made onboarding modules for your organization in combination with the Artemis Smart Corporate Bundle. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your organization.