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(1) AML & CTF Training: Better & Quicker
This is why you need Effective AML & CTF
for your business

Regulated businesses on Curacao are obligated by law to train their employees in recognizing and mitigating risks related to money laundering.

Effective AML & CTF is developed together with Risk Solutions Caribbean to help businesses comply with this legal requirement easier, quicker, more effective. Using our AML course means as a business owner, you’ll spend less money to compensate training hours and less time and effort organizing AML training, compared to classroom training.

Learn more about the advantages and how to boost compliance in the next couple of slides.

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(2) AML & CTF Training: Better & Quicker
“As fast as you want, as slow as you need”

Organize your AML training the smart way: Instead of pausing your business during training hours, enable employees to stay productive and available for clients.

Stop paying for time to learn what you already know: Replace wasting your valuable time on mandatory attendance with checking and confirming that you are up to date, in as little as 15 minutes.

Take all the time you need, when you need it: With multiple on-demand learning resources at your disposal, you have complete control over what you need to learn, and when you pause to take that important phone call.

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(3) AML & CTF Training: Better & Quicker
“Up-to-date with FIU & CBCS regulations”

Don’t let new employees become liabilities: No need to wait for the next class, with Artemis everyone is training compliant from day one.

Compliant and audit-ready with confidence: With quick practice tests and a graded final test, you’re assured of your knowledge.

Don’t prove you were present, prove you’re compliant: Passing the final test is rewarded with a certificate. Even if you aced it in 15 minutes.

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(4) AML & CTF Training: Better & Quicker
“Company-wide solutions for businesses of all sizes”

From the receptionist to the board of directors: With Artemis Smart Business, AML training is tailored so it’s relevant and feasible for all your colleagues. No matter if it’s only one or just one thousand.

AML training that includes your specific compliance procedures: With Artemis Smart Business, you can integrate (and test!) your own internal AML procedures, to be fully training compliant.

Add high value assets to high value content: Live progress and result insights for management, company branding, private learning environment, and more…

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