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The Artemis approach

About Artemis

In our law practice on Curacao (Archer Caribbean) we noticed that the companies we advise often raise questions or problems that can be solved in a better way than by always solving them afterwards by an expert. With a relatively small investment in employee training, it is possible to make a big difference in identifying and preventing risks and problems and thereby not only reduce costs but also improve the quality of services. This was the reason to start Artemis: offering truly effective courses and workshops for improving business operations and services.

However, we also had experience with the usual way of corporate training: Classroom presentations where the pace is often slow because basic topics (must) be explained first. For participants with more than average knowledge, this is an unmotivating experience and a waste of time, because expensive (senior) employees spend billable time listening to a story that they largely already know. Our approach is therefore different, we offer an eLearning course that contains all the information, but is designed in such a way that a student can quickly identify and supplement missing knowledge. This allows experienced employees to get through it quickly if they want, but also provides less experienced employees with all the context and explanation they need to get to that same level. Moreover, the eLearning courses can be started and stopped whenever convenient. A lost half hour becomes meaningful again and helping a customer in between is no problem. A mandatory final test ensures participants and employers that everyone is at least at the same level.

This is the starting point on which a workshop actually has effective added value. Now a workshop can start with all participants at the same minimum level. The workshop can therefore immediately go into depth, the results of the course, transparent to the workshop leader, provide concrete guidance on which topics should be discussed and can link suitable explanations and exercises to them. Interactive discussions led by the workshop leader’s expertise provide inspiration to make connections and find motivation for why and how service should be delivered. These are actually hours well spent. And does an employee want to check how things were going while at work? A reference overview offers the opportunity to quickly read again and maintain the quality.

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The Artemis approach

Our approach is results-oriented. For the student, by offering information in different ways. In addition, each lesson ends with a short summary of the lesson including previous lessons and short tests help to gain insight into your own progress. Unlike some other providers, each lesson can be skipped because we believe that it is (1) expensive and demotivating to spend time on knowledge that someone already has, (2) we offer the opportunity to quickly check per lesson whether there is any knowledge may still be lacking and (3) we extensively test the knowledge level in the mandatory final test. Experienced employees therefore never have to sit through lessons unnecessarily and can immediately demonstrate that they meet the course requirements. Less experienced employees will find the material explained in the course, supplemented with explanation diagrams, examples and explanation videos, to prepare them well for the final test.

For employers and HR management, the Artemis approach offers a results-oriented way to quickly get employees to an equivalent and high level of knowledge. Experienced employees lose as little (billable) time as possible because they can supplement or refresh their knowledge where necessary. Less experienced employees do not need to be trained by their colleagues, but can gain knowledge by completing a course. HR employees can view the progress and scores per student. This also provides insight into which areas employees or departments need extra support.

The experience of senior employees is invaluable to your company, making their time valuable but also valuable. At Artemis we therefore believe in our tiered approach: use Artemis’ targeted eLearning to get everyone to the same knowledge level so that a workshop with an expert or additional explanation by a senior colleague can immediately go into depth. With Artemis, valuable time can actually be spent valuablely.