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Smarter learning,
better business

The better you understand your work and the world around it,
the better you can perform your tasks, see new opportunities,
meet challenges, reduce risks and prevent problems.

Up-to-date with Curaçao legislation

New partnership!
We are excited to announce Risk Solutions Caribbean as our Compliance Knowledge Partner. Together we’re delivering premium AML & CTF eLearning courses to businesses in Curacao. Read more…

and certified

Artemis eLearning not only offers efficient and effective courses for improving knowledge and insight. As the courses have been tested against regulations, such as those of the Central Bank of Curacao and Sint Maarten (CBCS), our certified certificates provide certainty not only for the student, but also for employers and supervisors.

Maximum flexibility, maximum control

Nothing is more demotivating than having to sit through a class on topics you already know. All Artemis courses are aimed at learning what you do not yet (completely) know and quickly checking whether you what you need to learn. With Artemis, at your own pace means as fast as you want. What if an important phone call comes up? No problem, you can pick up where you left off at any time.

Combined approach to save effort and time

Training hours are expensive hours for an employer. In-classroom training not only requires more planning time and preparation, it also puts a strain on employee availability and billable hours. Artemis’ combined approach focuses on efficiency, effectiveness and control. This means measurable results while your company continues to operate.

Ready for audits in one go

  • Regulators require regulated, but also increasingly unregulated, companies that staff are aware of industry-specific knowledge as well as legal background or regulations.
  • The content of all relevant Artemis courses meets the requirements of regulators.
  • Artemis offers companies the opportunity to add their own internal procedures to the courses, so that employees immediately comply fully.
  • For AML policy, among other things, CBCS requires a training plan in which the training of all employees is registered, including results and certificates. Artemis provides complete training plans for all your employees.

Taking a course ensures an average increase in knowledge of 88%

Course content is rated with an average of 8.3

Participants especially appreciate the clear course content, followed by the quick quizzes and the reference guide

Get your qualifications with purpose

  • With Artemis you have full control over when you learn. Additional explanation diagrams, examples and explanation videos provide different perspectives on the lesson material.
  • With contextual summaries and quick quizzes at the end of each lesson, you can quickly check whether you can move on to the next lesson.
  • Successfully completing the mandatory final test not only gives you the confidence that you have mastered the material, the certificate also proves this to (future) employers and supervisors.
  • The reference overview at the end of all Artemis courses also provides you with guidance during your work after completing your course. This way your knowledge stays up to date.

Take your business to the next level

  • A higher level of knowledge ensures a higher quality of service and reduces the risk of errors.
  • With Artemis courses you have control over the content and insight into the results achieved.
  • Employees remain available as much as possible; Artemis courses are targeted and measurably effective.
  • Gained knowledge is independently tested and certified, a requirement for audits by supervisors.
  • Artemis onboarding improves performance and reduces turnover within your organization.